Hi, I'm Will and I live in Boulder Colorado.  I like to help people thrive through coaching, create products & businesses, make music, write, and advocate for causes I care about. Generally I concern myself with new technology, and our collective social and cultural evolution.

In terms of projects, I run WeLoveYou, a product design shop and business incubator based here in Boulder. Our mission is to create a fun, just, sustainable world through brand and product design. If you have an idea or want to get involved, get in touch.

In 2009, I co-founded (along with Kati Bicknell) Kindara, a women's health start-up and remain on the board. We're accomplishing a positive social mission while creating beautiful and useful products that help women meet their health goals. Despite the gains made over the last century, we still live in a deeply sexist society, and Kindara is out to help change that.

I also sit on the board of Cabsolutely, and mentor, coach and advise early-stage entrepreneurs for fun and profit.

I few years ago I started Healing From Inside, which is an ever-growing collection of stories about psychosomatic illness. I had psychosomatic back pain for many years and it ultimately taught me a lot about myself and our medical system. You can read my story here: How I Overcame Back Pain Through Self Reflection.

In prior times, I co-founded Lumetro (an online distributor of energy efficient lighting) and served as director of sustainability at Watershed Technologies. From 2001 - 2003 I designed, built, and tested the iSun solar car. In 2003 we raced the car from Chicago to Los Angeles in the 2003 American Solar Challenge. This was a deeply satisfying project: We created something out of nothing and along the way I learned the power of creativity, ingenuity, sticktoitiveness, and believing in something.

In terms of education I'm a life-long learner. Officially I am a graduate of HAXLR8R, Founder Institute, the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, and McGill University, where I studied Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Unofficially I have many teachers including TED, Allison Armstrong, David Deida, David Cates, Kevin Kelly, Paul Graham and Eddie Izzard among others.

I also love making music, Burning Man, quantified self, sexuality, self-development, dancing, and things that put a dent in the universe and move the human race forward.

Email me at williamsacks at gmail dot com

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamsacks

Twitter: @willsacks