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Harness your power.

Hi. My name is Will. I'm an entrepreneur and coach based in Boulder Colorado USA. Over the last decade I started two mission-driven businesses (one bootstrapped and one venture-funded). I raised 5 rounds of financing, and grew one of the businesses to $1M in yearly revenue before hiring an outside CEO to run the day-to-day operations.

These days I'm spending a few hours a week helping exceptional purpose-driven entrepreneurs accelerate their lives and make their dreams real.

I take a no bullshit approach to coaching. We'll work to define your version of success, and make a plan to get you there. I'll remind you of your unlimited potential and hold you to account. Working with me means you are committing to getting clear on your dreams, and making them real.

For lifestyle reasons I only work with a small number of clients at any one time. If there is a button below, it means I am currently accepting new client conversations.

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and are looking to work with a coach to turbo-boost your life (and if you see a button) feel free to contact me to schedule a conversation. 


What my clients say:

"Will has been working with me since early 2016...He always helps to find clarity when it seems there is only chaos inside and around me. What I love about his way of coaching is how he encourages me to figure out and see the needed steps instead of just telling me what to do.

Then, when chaos wants to take the scene back, he is there to remind me to the previously found solution and kindly guides me until I find the confidence to actually make it happen. I am thankful for his mentorship because of my own betterment, but also for the amazing effects seen in our company since working together."

Free Community Coaching Sessions

As part of my commitment to contribute, I give away three 2-hour coaching sessions per month on a first come-first served basis (one per person). Contact me early in the month to get one. Note: I don't keep a waiting list, these free sessions just renew every month on the first.