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Harness your power.

Do you hunger for a greater level of success, achievement and fulfillment? Here's how I found mine: 

In the 12 months between Aug 2009 and Aug 2010 I went from working a corporate job in Toronto, to emigrating to the US, meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams, and becoming the CEO of a world-changing social impact company.

Here’s how it happened: In 2009 I had graduated with honors from engineering school, had a well paying job, lots of friends, and a side business. From the outside my life looked great, but inside I knew I was playing small.

One day I couldn’t take it anymore. So I quit my job, cashed out my measly retirement savings, and bought a ticket to Burning Man while I figured out what to do next. Then, everything changed:

Kati was wild and beautiful. We fell madly in love. She introduced me to fertility charting. I was smitten with the empowerment  fertility charting was giving Kati, the understanding of the feminine it was giving me, and the sweet intimacy it created for us as a couple. I wanted every couple to have what we had. So I took my savings and we created Kindara. A company that would change the world by helping women better understand their fertility.

People told us we were sure to fail. I had no idea what I was doing. But I didn’t care. I made every mistake possible, and we almost went bankrupt multiple times. But by 2016 Kindara was one of the top health apps in the world. We had a office in Boulder, a staff of 14, and were on track to make seven figures in revenue. And we were helping millions of people.  

But there was a big problem. I was becoming more and more miserable and depressed. The bigger Kindara got the less I was doing of what I loved. I was stuck again. Something was still missing!

So I hired an outside CEO and went on retreat to Bali. After months of staring at the ocean I discovered what was missing: All my life I had been achieving on the outside in an attempt to fill a hole on the inside. I didn’t feel good and I was trying to compensate with more achievement. I finally saw this dead end for what it was and I committed to filling the hole from the inside once and for all.

I bought a guitalele and started writing and performing songs, I studied tantra and explored my sexuality, I committed to a daily meditation and self love practice, and I asked myself the question: what is true fulfillment for me?

From the silence I again found the answer, and was able to map out my version of true fulfillment: creating music and projects that connect us to ourselves and others and help us thrive on this planet. And living a life of abundance, contribution and play as an expression of my true hearts desires, and as an example to others.  

Once I had found my version of fulfillment I got to work making it real. I started a products company where I play and create, I began sharing my music by performing around North America, and I started working with a select group of entrepreneurs to help them build world-changing companies.

Since I committed to my soul’s desires, my life has begun to expand in exciting ways. I love sharing what I’ve learned in business and life with others who share my vision and passion.

For lifestyle reasons I only work with a small number of clients at any one time. If there is a button below, it means I am currently accepting new client conversations.

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and are looking to work with a guide or coach to make your dreams real (and if you see a button) feel free to contact me to schedule a conversation. 


What my clients say:

"Will has been working with me since early 2016...He always helps to find clarity when it seems there is only chaos inside and around me. What I love about his way of coaching is how he encourages me to figure out and see the needed steps instead of just telling me what to do.

Then, when chaos wants to take the scene back, he is there to remind me to the previously found solution and kindly guides me until I find the confidence to actually make it happen. I am thankful for his mentorship because of my own betterment, but also for the amazing effects seen in our company since working together."