Hi, I'm Will


I help mission-driven visionaries make their dream projects real.

Over the last few years I've founded multiple businesses (including Kindara, which helped create the FemTech space), built a solar car and raced it from from Chicago to Los Angeles, and played music at festivals around North America. 

The constant theme in my life is creativity. I believe each of us has a unique gift and for some of us that gift is to create. We create businesses, art, projects, spaces, communities and experiences that transform our lives. 

In the process of our work, we create ourselves and the the world around us. And because we literally create the future, I believe it is up to us to create the future we want. 

If you are creating something impactful and are looking to scale your impact and success, please get in touch, or download my free guide on how to pick a coach to take your life to the next level. I look forward to meeting you and creating something awesome together.