A Unique Opportunity to Invest In a Sane Future for Women's Health

Today I'm finally able to speak about something that we've been working at at Kindara for the past few months. Yesterday we launched a direct public offering on the funding platform SeedInvest. This is jump-up-and-down-exciting for a few reasons: 

Firstly, this is exciting because it used to be that only wealthy individuals and professional investors could invest in startup companies like Kindara. But recently the laws changed (woohoo!) and we decided that instead of raising our next round of funding from venture capitalists, we would give our community and anyone who believes in empowering women around their reproductive health a chance to own a piece of what we're creating (specifically, a sane future where women have great tools to manage and understand their fertility and access the care they need). As of yesterday, anyone with a free $1,000 in their investment portfolio can reserve a spot in our offering and ultimately invest in the future we're creating for women and families. This is the first time regular folks can support our mission and be rewarded financially when we succeed.

Secondly, this is exciting because Ira Hernowitz and Tia Newcomer, (Kindara's new CEO and COO respectively) have put together a sweet product roadmap that includes way cool new features like DNA-based fertility assessment, and virtual fertility counseling among other things. These are some of the dreams we envisioned from the beginning of Kindara and the funds raised in this offering will go directly to making this stuff happen. I can't wait to see it become real. 

And lastly, this is exciting because by enrolling hundreds of smaller investors to "Team Kindara", we're growing and welcoming new people into our community. A friend of mine is fond of saying "Teamwork makes the dream work" and this is exactly why we wanted to open up investment in Kindara to you, your community and the broader public. 

If you believe women deserve to understand and be in control of their reproductive health, we want you on Team Kindara. If you believe the future belongs to empowered women, we want you on Team Kindara.  If you or someone you love has a story of struggle with regards to their reproductive health, or if you think women's health is an exciting market ripe for innovation, we want you on Team Kindara. Together we can accomplish infinitely more than we could alone.

So that's why today is an exciting day and why I'd like to invite you to do two things: 

Firstly, if you have free a $1,000 or more in your investment portfolio and you think what we're building at Kindara is exciting and needed, please reserve a spot in our offering, and

Secondly, please share our offering page on social media so as many people see it as possible: https://www.seedinvest.com/kindara/series.a

Thank you for helping us create a different future for women and families in this country and around the world.



Will Sacks