Fear Is An Illusion

At some point in the last 3 weeks I realized that fear is an illusion. I used to think that Fear and Love were the only two forces in the universe. Then my friend Andy told me that fear is an illusion. I thought he meant that it wasn't real and so I was confused. I sat with that for a few weeks.

A week later my friend Mandy told me the same thing. She told me that anytime I am feeling fear I'm actually living IN an illusion that I've created. I'm living in an alternate reality that is distinct from actual reality.

Then it crystallized in my head. To be present is to be here now. To be grateful for being alive. Anytime we're feeling fear or anger or resentment or frustration or negativity, we're not present. And because we're not here now, we're somewhere else. We're in the illusion, the fake reality that we've constructed, where something is bad or wrong.

To escape the illusion, we can return to presence. In the present moment nothing is wrong. Everything just is, and there is an infinite number of things to feel grateful for. By being present we escape from our self-created fake reality. We escape the negativity. We open back up to love.

I used to think fear and love were the only two forces in the universe. But now thanks to (M)Andy I see there is only love. Fear is real, but it's real like a mirage. Choosing to leave the mirage takes us back to reality, where love is all there is.