Ship It Already!

Today I renamed my blog "Focus: Create." I like this name better than "Start. Learn. Optimize." The acronym for the latter is SLO, and I think this says it all. I made the decision in China, where Kati and I spent the last three and a half months nose-to-the-grindstone working on Kindara. Previously when people would tell me that they worked 80 hours a week on something, I would tell them that that's impossible. That nobody can work that many hours. Well I proved myself wrong. In China we were working 7 days a week on average 12 - 14 hours per day. Were we optimally productive? I'm not sure. Did we go crazy? Yes. But we got a hell of a lot done.  We were laser focussed on our product and getting it "Out The Dang Door!" and we succeeded. And nothing but good things have come from shipping Kindara Fertility for iPhone V1.0.

From the minute it went out the door, we felt Kindara accelerate. Now we have a growing user base, revenue and momentum.   So from this experience, I'm no longer enamored with Start. Learn. Optimize.: this process can take forever and produce nothing.

I think Focus: Create are better words to live by. Creating things isn't easy, but it gets results damn it!

So from here on it's....FOCUS!: CREATE!

BusinessWill Sacks