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Executive Coaching

I work with a small number of entrepreneurs one-on-one to keep them aligned with their vision and purpose, and create amazing things in the world. Founders I work with are typically extremely motivated to be the best versions of themselves, and they are driven to create enduring technology companies that make a real difference in the world.

Inner & Outer Work

Before I get into the details of how I work with people, I think it's important to mention a couple beliefs of mine that underpin my coaching. They are: 

  1. Our outer world is generally a reflection of our inner world, and 

  2. By working a process of both inner and outer development, growth can be maximized

Given these beliefs, my approach is to go to work both internally and externally. The internal work includes tools to improve self image, reprogram self-limiting beliefs, and build leadership capabilities. In my experience this work pays a huge ongoing dividend to my clients in terms of the results they are able to produce in the world. 

Therefore I always start my coaching with internal work, and we will touch back on this internal work as needed throughout our sessions. On top of the internal work, we'll layer external systems to accelerate the transmutation of the internal work into your external reality. 

My Process

Given that framework, here’s my process: 

First 30 Days

The goal for the first 30 days is to define success both in terms of inner world (identity) and outer world (material reality), and put basic vision and strategy systems and goals in place. 

Session 1: LifeMapping - I’ll lead you through a visualization exercise to create the specific future you want most. This will establish goal posts for our coaching. Our “North Star”. The exercise will also identify any self limiting beliefs, and help us form a foundation for setting concrete 10 year, 5 year, 1 year and 90 day OKRs. 

Session 2 & 3: Define self & define concrete OKR’s - I’ll lead you through a process to create an Identity Statement, which will start to shift your identity from who you have been, to who you want to become. We’ll also craft your company strategy, and create concrete OKRs for you and for your team and define next actions for each.  

Session 4: Systems and Structure - I’ll lead you through the creation of a Horizon Planner to clarify the company values, differentiators, proven process, and unique marketing plan. I’ll show you how to create an accountability chart so the roles in the business are clear. We'll start to implement your strategy. 

Outcomes of Month 1: clarified vision and identity, and palpable momentum towards your created future.

Month 2 

The goal for our second month is to establish traction and accountability within the business towards your goals, and also to keep cementing the new identity you created in month 1.

Session 5 - 8: I’ll teach you how to establish accountability in the organization. We’ll create a company dashboard, and I’ll teach you my “Make It Real” weekly meeting agenda to keep you focussed on the right things and keep your systems in place and working. 

I’ll also teach you the “Issues List” and “People Analyzer” tools to increase the effectiveness with which your business solves issues and makes people decisions.

Outcomes of Month 2: Increased traction for the business. More customers and revenue. 

Month 3

The goal for the third month is to accelerate the work done in the first 60 days. We’ll work together to define and clarify your role as CEO, and I’ll teach you systems to effectively delegate everything that isn’t directly related to the “4 Jobs of a CEO”. 

In the third month we’ll also focus on building processes and structure in every functional area of the business so you can scale effectively. 

Outcomes of Month 3: Continued increase in traction and revenue. You should also by this point be finding a new level of confidence within yourself that will spill into every area of your life. 

From there we can re-evaluate your strategy, systems and structure and see what support is needed for you to hit your goals.  

Next Steps

If you think you might be a fit and would like to learn more please apply for a free strategy session

To your success,