Get Funded - Raise Money For Your Startup

Raising startup capital is hard. Next to building a product that people love and want to pay for, it’s the hardest part of building a high growth world-changing company. Most entrepreneurs try and fail to raise capital, wasting an enormous amount of time and energy.

I decided to change this. I led a successful venture funded tech startup through 5 rounds of financing and along the way I developed a proven process that works. In GetFunded you’ll learn the process and get all the tools I used to make fundraising (somewhat) easy, and even fun.

Get Funded - 6 week program
239.00 479.00

Pre-Order get funded now and save. GetFunded includes

  • 6 weeks of audio recordings and exercises to help you plan and implement a successful fundraise

  • 20 proven tools that will dramatically increase your chances of getting funded

  • Access to the private GetFunded Facebook group, where you can get your questions answered by Will or one of his faculty.

  • Access to the GetFunded web app where you can plan and track your raise.

  • 5 proven email templates you can use to increase buying desire in investors, and fill out your round.

  • 3 bonus audio interviews with CEO’s who have successfully raised money, detailing the in’s and out’s of their process and how they won at the fundraising game.

When we launch the price of GetFunded will be $479. For attendees of Will’s event the entire program is available for pre-order for just $239

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