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Making Behavior Change Stick

I have a list of daily behaviors that I think are important to being healthy and having an awesome life. I've been tracking them with Kindara. Here is the list along with my performance for July:

  • Wake up at 6am - once
  • Get at least 8 hours sleep per night - 20 times
  • Do Yoga - 16 times
  • Review my life goals and plan - 15 times
  • Take the homeopathic remedy prescribed by my doctor - 19 times
  • Take my morning vitamins - 29 times
  • Get to inbox zero - 7 times
  • Don't eat sugar - 22 times
  • Take 4,000mg of Vitamin C - 10 times
  • Take my Chinese herbal supplement - 22 times
  • Take my evening magnesium supplement - 28 times

Below is my Kindara chart for the month that shows my progress on each daily goal...

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Time Management Hacks Vol. 1

Two weeks ago I had a call with Ben Rubin, an adviser and friend who has been helping us through the fundraising process at Kindara. We talked about time management and then I had a long-ass Friday where it seemed like I didn't get much done. The next Monday morning I decided to start tracking what I was spending my time on in minute detail. I made a google spreadsheet and added in each block of time and what I was doing  during that block. This has proved extremely valuable. It has allowed me to:

  1. See how many hours per week I was working (around 55 which is too much),
  2. See why certain things are not moving as fast as I'd like them to be moving at Kindara, and
  3. Become very aware of what I was spending my time on, thus improving my choice of activities and productivity at those activities.
  4. Develop a mental map of which activities I enjoy (making spreadsheets!) and which activities I hate (damn you email!), and
  5. Correlate my overall sense of well-being and happiness to what I spend my time doing, or in other words, answer the question: what should I do right now to feel a sense of accomplishment today, next week and next year?

Super valuable stuff. Here are my results breakdown from Week 1...

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