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Inner Journeying: The Fastest, Cheapest & Most Effective Healing Modality?

I want to quickly write about something I discovered in December 2018 that has become a big part of my life over the last three months.

I’ve been calling them “closed eye-journeys” or “inner healing journeys”. I started doing them after listening to Stanislov Grof describe the practice on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.

To give some history: Researches like Grof were studying the healing properties of various psychoactive substances in the 1950’s

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A Poem to Help Your Kids Feel Safe (Their Whole Lives)

This past weekend I held a friend while she cried and shook for 5 hours. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

My friend and I were talking about feeling safe as children. How every child is helpless and therefore needs to feel protected in order to fully develop. How true development, exploration and learning can only happen inside a container of safety.

And then my friend realized that she had never felt safe, seen and cared for. Ever. In her entire life...

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