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The Winning Psychology of Fundraising - How to do Investor Meetings That Convert

Hi friends, today I did a presentation for the Founder Institute's Funding Lab class of 2019.

In this video I go over the winning psychology of fundraising and how to use it to do investor meetings that convert (i.e. how to get investors to say "yes")

If you like this video you can learn more at or start my online program for free at

Let me know what you think!

Much love from Boulder


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How To Raise Money : Step 1 of 10 - Preparing for an Investor Pitch

Note: i) this post was transcribed from this video, and ii) This post is the first in a series where I go into detail on each of the 10 steps in my 10 step framework for raising investor money for a startup. To read a summary of the entire framework click here

Hey guys, what's up? Today I'm going to talk a bit about fundraising. I'm actually going to go through the 10 step process to raise money for a startup that I used when I was running Kindara.  I used this same method to raise a friends and family round, a bunch of angel rounds, and a venture round. I'm going to go through it super quick because I get a lot of questions about this in my coaching and I just want to lay out a framework that you guys can use to go step by step by step until you have money in the bank. So let's go.

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How to Raise Money for Your Startup in Ten Steps

We are about to close another round of funding at Kindara. Having been through this a couple times now, here's my advice on how to close funding for your startup in ten steps: Step 1: Get your story straight and your materials together. At a minimum you'll need a pitch deck, an executive summary, and some sort of product demo. Get all this stuff together and make sure it looks good. I personally think design communicates almost as much as content.

Step 2: Test your pitch and your materials to see if they are any good. Use your friends, advisers & team members. This step serves two purposes: first it allows you to change and improve your pitch, and second it allows you to practice pitching. When pitching, it's important that you appear excited and confident, and use words that effectively tell the story of your product and company....

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