Ahoy friends.  I'm Will. I live just north of Boulder Colorado with my wife Kati on a piece of land overlooking the Flatiron mountains. 

My life is about helping people thrive and bringing dreams to life, so we can create the world we want to live in. On a practical level this means helping entrepreneurs build world-changing companies, creating my own companies & projects, making music, writing, and advocating for causes I care about. I'm passionate about continuous self development, new technology, and our collective cultural evolution.

In terms of current projects, I coach a small group of entrepreneurs who are building mission-driven businesses, and run WeLoveYou, a product design shop and business incubator based here in Boulder. Coaching allows me to be involved in cool companies at a deep level and I love it a lot (especially taking people from early revenue to over 7 figures - the first million is the most fun). 

In 2009, I co-founded (along with Kati Bicknell) Kindara, a women's health start-up where I remain on the board.  We're accomplishing a positive social mission while creating beautiful and useful products that help women meet their health goals. Despite the gains made over the last century, we still live in a deeply sexist society, and Kindara is our attempt to help change that.

I also sit on the board of Cabsolutely, and mentor, coach and advise early-stage entrepreneurs for fun and profit.

I few years ago I started Healing From Inside, which is an ever-growing collection of stories about psychosomatic illness. I had psychosomatic back pain for many years and it ultimately taught me a lot about myself and our medical system. You can read my story here: How I Overcame Back Pain Through Self Reflection.

In prior times, I co-founded Lumetro (an online distributor of energy efficient lighting) and served as director of sustainability at Watershed Technologies. From 2001 - 2003 I designed, built, and tested the iSun solar car which we later raced from Chicago to Los Angeles in the 2003 American Solar Challenge. This was a deeply satisfying project: We created something out of nothing and along the way I learned the power of creativity, ingenuity, sticktoitiveness, and believing in something.

In terms of education I'm a life-long learner. Officially I am a graduate of HAXLR8R, Founder Institute, the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, and McGill University, where I received academic honors in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Unofficially I have many teachers including TED, Allison Armstrong, David Deida, David Cates, Kevin Kelly, Paul Graham and Eddie Izzard among others.

I also love making music, Burning Man, quantified self, sexuality, self-development, dancing, and things that put a dent in the universe and move the human race forward.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to take your life and your impact to the next level, start a conversation with me here: http://www.willsacks.com/start-a-conversation

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamsacks

Twitter: @willsacks